Far Cry 5: Announce Trailer And Introduction To The Resistance

Last week Ubisoft teased the announcement of Far Cry 5 with nothing more than a simple Tweet showing the game’s logo.

They followed that up earlier this week with a whole host of teaser trailers, as we reported here.

Today we’ve got our first real look at what we can expect in terms of the setting of Far Cry 5 with the official announcement trailer, as well as showing off some of the games world the trailer also showcases some of what player can expect from the games narrative.

WARNING: Some readers may find the trailers within this article from this point on offensive due to sensitive subject matter and coarse language.

First up we have the official announcement trailer which shows some of the extremes that a cult in Hope County, Montana have resorted to in order to atone for the sins of it’s residents.

It’s not all self-righteous cults and fanaticism in Far Cry 5 though, there are those, The Resistance, who as their name would suggests resist the cults attempts to encroach on their way of life. Below are three trailers introducing us to some key members of The Resistance:

First up we have Hope County’s bar maid Mary May who is fighting for justice for her mother, brother & father.

Next up we have Rick Rye, a local pilot who’s gearing up to battle the cult on the frontlines to ensure that his son has a better, war free, future.

Finally, we have Jerome Jeffries, the Hope County Pastor who has remained true to his faith despite the trials he’s faced and now he’s resorted to fighting fire with fire and taking up arms against the cultists.

Just from these four trailers alone Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be an extremely edgy but at the same time incredibly entertaining title.

While it’s sure to have its detractors this game could be one of the best yet in the Far Cry franchise.

Will you be pre-ordering Far Cry 5 and picking it up on release day? Or will you be waiting to see what the reviews say before making any firm investment? Let us know in the comments below!

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