Spellspire Review

From developers 10tons; who brought you many puzzle games such as Tennis in the Face and Sparkle, comes Spellspire, a genius (word worth a measly 7 points in Scrabble) mix of RPG and a word game.


The game instantly throws you into the action (if you could call it that), with the first level outlining the basics of the game. It’s rather quite simple: Make words of three letters or more from the ten available letters in order to eliminate the enemies that are slowly heading towards you, and reach the chest at the end of the level. However, the catch is the timer: each enemy that you come across has a timer in which you must make words to defeat him before the timer runs out. After that, it’ll start attacking you. But during the first 10 levels or so of climbing the tower, you’ll rarely get touched by the enemies, including the level 10 boss.

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With each level, you’ll collect countless coins whether it’s from the chest at the end, defeating an enemy or simply finding it on the floor between enemies, in which you’ll use these coins to boost up your characters various attributes. This is where the RPG aspect of the title comes into play. After each level, you’ll see the tower you’re climbing in order to pick your next level, but this is also the place where you can access the shop and buy new upgrades and abilities. You can upgrade helms, weapons and cloaks that’ll boost up your attack, defence and health or even unlock new ones, some of which may include a specific element such as burning or poison. There’s also some unique items that you can purchase such as a bestiary that’ll show you enemies you’ve faced and any weaknesses they might have, or simply purchase a dictionary to help with your vocabulary for defeating those troublesome levels with a majority of vowels. Some upgrades even allow for extra damage or coins to be granted for every unique three-letter word you make in a level, so you don’t necessarily have to be the wordsmith to enjoy this game, although getting double damage for eight-letter words is extremely rewarding, not to mention devastating to the enemy! There’s also a handy chest that refreshes every eight hours that’ll grand you a random reward from coins to potions.

There’s plenty of levels to undertake, with a whole new campaign upon completion. All the levels can be attempted again to gain a star and extra coins for an increased challenge. If you’re the type who enjoys a casual game of Scrabble or just like the feeling of being rewarded with every progress of monster-slaying, then Spellspire may be the game for you.

Spellspire is out now and can be downloaded digitally via the Xbox Store, priced at £7.99.

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