Raiders Of The Broken Planet Beta Preview

Raiders of the Broken Planet by Spanish developers MercurySteam is their first foray since they split with partners Konami, in which they collaborated with to create Castlevania Lords of the Shadow. Raiders is a sci-fi 4v1 tactical third-person shooter that blends shooter-crawler with intense combat and stealth with a variety of ways to progress through a level.

Set in the year 2267 A.D. – 25 million light years from Earth, the game takes place on the world known simply as the Broken Planet, where a substance named Aleph matter is being generated by the planets natural resources. Aleph so happens to alter the physiology of carbon-based lifeforms and allows instantaneous interstellar travel for those that have the substance. Several factions of raiders are fighting on the planet to search and locate any Aleph, which is where you come in.

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During the beta, you have access to a select few missions from the four campaigns that are supposedly on offer once the full game releases. That’s right, four campaigns! One for each faction raiding it out on the planet. Each faction also has a handful of characters to take your pick from offering a diverse set of characters, each with their own unique gun (gun, not guns) ranging from pistols to sniper rifles, and also their own set of skills and abilities that can fundamentally be altered and changed according to your playstyle.

The game jumps you into an extremely brief tutorial with a character called Harec – leader of one of the four factions, who has the ability to project his body elsewhere, allowing you to gain a better vantage point of a situation or to fool enemies into thinking you’re not actually there. This tutorial only breaks down the basic controls and mechanics of the game, as you’re left to your own devices once this tutorial mission is over, requiring plenty of trial and error to find a character that suits you best, since each one handles differently.

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As said previously, this is a 4v1 shooter, so you can choose so if you wish, to go at it alone against hordes of enemies, although during the beta playthrough, it didn’t seem like it was against actual players, rather it was more AI. If it was, then it surely wasn’t obvious.

The problem during the beta, was that some of the menus still hadn’t been translated from Spanish to English so for the most part; unless you speak and/or understand the language of course, you’re left scratching your head with little idea on what any of these upgrades can do. The graphics although look great in pictures, doesn’t seem the best for a next-generation console that’s into its fourth year, although the gameplay more than makes up for it.

The Beta is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday every weekend until release and it’s not too late to try and grab yourself a code here.

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