Xbox One Update Adds Cool New Features

An update for the Xbox One and Windows 10 has rolled out during this past week, adding some useful new features to our favourite console. You can watch the video here:

The update offers changes to Arena, LFG (“Looking For group”) notifications, and also makes some minor adjustments to party functionality.

The Arena functionality will work for Killer Instinct first, with the plan being for additional games to be added to it in the coming months. It comes in the form of a new ‘Tournaments’ tab in the game hub, and will allow users to create custom tournaments and inform potential players. Tournaments can be scheduled to begin at specific dates/times within the Windows 10 app by Club admins, with members who sign up notified via Xbox Live or Windows 10 when the tournament is due to begin. The Club area has also been updated to allow for easier team management, and viewing of Beam streams from members.

A change has also been made that should dramatically improve the LFG functionality. Following the update, posting an LFG notification will share it to the feed of your followers – who will receive a notification that you’ve posted and hopefully join you. This is a really useful change – and is likely to impact heavily on how people use LFG.

Finally, in a useful addition to party chat, a new UI element has been developed that will allow you to see the gamertag of the person who is speaking. You can select the position of the overlay on the screen to ensure it doesn’t overlap useful game UI, or even disable it entirely. This will be very useful when playing with new players – complementing the changes to LFG nicely.

Have you tried out any of the new functionality in the update? Did it work as well as you expected? Do you have any ideas for other useful changes that Microsoft could make? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: vg247

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