Everything Destiny 2: Gameplay Reveal Recap

Finally, the day has come to where we’ve seen Destiny 2 in action.  Bungie has held their Destiny 2 gameplay reveal stream and now we’ve had our first look at Destiny 2 outside of the promotional trailers.

First off, time to acknowledge the fact that Bungie was able to pull in over 400,000 people to view the stream.  Destiny is still alive and well.

One of the key things stated by creative director Luke Smith was that the sequel was a chance to “start fresh.”  It’s funny because we all saw Destiny as this ever expanding world that feed off each other.  given the issues the first Destiny did have, it’s a welcomed feature by us.

Changes to the way the world works.  Also, the Crucible will be 4v4 focused instead of 6v6.  With the success of Trials of Osiris, its not a shock and probably a good move.

It’s been noted that end game events such as Trials, Nightfalls, and Raids have not been played by 50% of the player population.  The plan in destiny 2 is to make them available to all players.  This might be some form of matchmaking but I hope this doesn’t water down the difficult end game that the other player base knows and loves.

Bungie then showed a cutscene that featured the Cabal invasion.  It’s really cool seeing the Vanguard leaders using supers as well.  The first bit of gameplay shows a smaller, hip-fire style, SMG which was speculated in the imagery leading to Destiny 2.  There was also some sort of a new shield based super as well.

It also shows NPCs fighting along side of players.  Much better way to push them into the main story even more.  Even character such as Amanda Holiday getting down and dirty.


There is also a grenade launcher style weapon as well.  On top of that there is a gattling gun style weapon as well.  Chalk that up to another 2 new weapon types.  Also one of the weapons… Gjallarshotgun!

Story revolves around Dominus Ghaul believing that the Cabal should have been given the Traveler’s gift of light.  Guardians have had their powers taken from Ghaul and the main story appears to focus on getting their power back and reuniting the Vanguard back together.  No clue if this will last all story or go into the end game component.

There seems to be the same classes we are familiar with but way different subclasses.  Dawn Blade, Sentinel, Arc Strike, new supers for Warlock, Titan and Hunter.  Not sure if the old ones are coming back.

There is going to be more to do in Destiny 2 than in any Bungie game ever released.  This would be expected.  Guardians will also appear to be leaving our solar system.  There appears to be a strike outside of our solar system in Cabal territory.  This may also lead into a raid into the Cabal empire?  Titan, Io, Earth and Nessus are the four planets/zones which means they aren’t just recycling old zones.  Titan is water-based, a ruined human settlement that’s sinking where Zavala is. Nessus is a planetoid in the system, which is where Cayde is. Vex has transformed it into a jungle. Io also seems to have a lot of Vex architecture. This is where Ikora is.

Exploration is way different and much improved.  It looks like Old Europe as a new zone.  The European dead zone is the largest zone they have ever created by 2 times over.  That’s huge! You can launch all activities in the world without going to orbit which is a life saver. Lots more stuff in exploration. Treasure maps, lost sectors, meet new characters in the world. Side missions found in the zones themselves.  There also is finally a map!  Thank you Bungie!

So clans are also getting pushed more into Destiny 2.  Things you do in your clan help push towards rewards.  “Guided style games” will allow single players to get paired up with similar clans with similar ambitions.  It’s an advanced matchmaking feature that people have been looking for over the life of Destiny so far.  Great way for clans to pick up new members with similar ambitions as well as solo players to better participate in end game activities.

We really need to see how they incorporate lore into the game.  Bungie needs to move more away from the Grimore cards and integrate them into the game more.

The attendees are able to play through a single campaign mission, a strike, as well one of the new Crucible modes.

That is all that the live stream had to put out.  WE will have much more information and time to analyze the details over the weekend.  It’s very hard to not be hyped for Destiny 2, the next 4 months will be trying.  Are you excited?  Let us know in the comments section below, and check out the gameplay trailer reveal right here!

Source: Bungie

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