Phantom Dust Returns For Free

Fans have been waiting to find out whether or not Phantom Dust will be remastered and released. After months of an agonising wait, Head of Xbox marketing, Aaron Greenberg tweeted “Excited to announce a fan favourite Phantom Dust will re-release exclusively tomorrow.” Greenberg announced this yesterday, revealing that the game will be free for Xbox One and Windows 10. As of today, gamers will be able to download the game, meaning that it is open to the community quicker than expected.

With the XBL community being familiar to the ‘Games With Gold’ feature every month for the past three years, another free game is no exception.

Originally, the game dates back to 2004, when it was released on the original Xbox. Gathering interest from fans everywhere, Microsoft made the decision to remaster the game and divulged that the series would be returning a few years ago in an E3 conference. Little details arose about the game, and it was said that the game would crash and burn. However, with gameplay of the game being released, fans hopes were reignited. With the game’s release imminent, it is unclear whether or not the game is going to stay free. Check out the video below:

Are you getting Phantom Dust? Are you going to spend hours absorbed into the story line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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