Hardcore Space Shooter Promethium Announced

The Earth is in trouble. The Promethium Armada is on its way and their intentions are not pure. Luckily they don’t want to blow up the planet, instead they want to use it as a dumping site for toxic waste, so that’s okay then.

Promethium is a hardcore tactical shooter that sees you trying to take out every ship in the Promethium Armada. The game plays out over 20 levels and you can be sure that this will test you to your limits.

The way that you defeat each ship is by hacking their security shields. To do this you must attack the shields, once you have done this the shields will go down and a self destruct system will be initiated. Job done. Sounds easy but it won’t be. Protecting each of the ships will be fighters, mines and turrets.

The developer promises that this game will be tough so this may well not be a game for the faint of heart. But it may also be the perfect combination of challenging and fun.

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Source: dualshockers.com

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