Seasons After Fall Review

Seasons after Fall is French developers Swing Swing Submarine’s third title, this time producing a beautiful hand-drawn 2D adventure, but was the effort really worth it?

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In Seasons after Fall, you take the role of a wild fox that has just been given some mystical powers, and has been randomly chosen to find the four guardians of the seasons and wake them from their slumber. Each guardian you find on your quest will grant you new powers allowing you to manipulate the four seasons to your advantage in order to uncover new paths or access areas that were previously unreachable. The first guardian on your journey will be that of the winter guardian who will of course, give you the power to manipulate winter meaning you could freeze a lake granting you access across it or bark at a flower to shoot some snow, allowing you to jump atop of it and reach new heights. Other seasons such as Summer can cause plants to grow while in Spring, the rain can cause water to rise, allowing for more complex puzzles later on in the game by combining a variety of seasons to solve the puzzles.

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There is no denying that visually, this is impressive, with each scene you come across, as impressive as the last, taking into consideration that this was hand-drawn by a single man. And the only narrative told in this title is by an unknown voice who acts as your guide; who so happens to be the one who coerced a seed to give the wild fox its powers, which is nice, since this gives you the opportunity to admire the artwork and listen to the enchanting music as you’re travelling on your merry way. The cut-scenes do tend to drag however, with no option of skipping. There’s only so much admiration one can make before getting bored.

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If you’re looking for combat from this title, then this isn’t the game for you. In fact. there isn’t a single combat encounter throughout this title. It’s solely puzzles, using the seasons to overcome them in a metroid-vania way, but don’t go into this expecting another masterpiece like Ori and the Blind Forest as Seasons after Fall still has a lot to learn, but is definitely a step up from their previous works: Blocks That Matter and Tetrobot & Co.

Seasons after Fall is available now from the Xbox Store priced at £     .

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