Human: Fall Flat Review

Human: Fall Flat is a physics based puzzle platformer all about a human falling flat. A lot. More than pretty much any other game. Whether it be tripping off of ledges or as a result of being smacked around, needless to say, you’ll be doing a lot of falling.

Each level challenges players to find creative solutions to progress through the area using the objects around you, the laws of physics and a bit of initiative. The left and right trigger controls your left and right hand respectively, allowing you to grab onto objects in the environment.


Initially, you’ll be solving rudimentary tasks like moving crates onto buttons, but it won’t take long for you to start climbing, rope swinging, rowing boats, driving vehicles and even throwing speakers out of windows. It’s amazing how much depth No Brakes Games have achieved utilising a bare minimum control scheme, though getting to grips with the mechanics can take some getting used to.

What makes Human: Fall Flat an engaging platformer is the level of freedom with which you can tackle the level. You could move the dumpster out  the way of the door in order to progress to the next room, or you could jump onto the dumpster, then climb over the nearby wall and skip half the level. Or you could simply chuck some debris into said dumpster just to get an achievement.


This is just one of the earlier levels, too. Later areas, which include medieval castles, construction sites and power plants, turn up the freedom to the extreme. The issue with Human: Fall Flat is one of length and replayability. Once you’ve finished the levels, there’s very little beyond curiosity to actually keep you coming back to play the game. It’s a fun game, but one that doesn’t last forever.

Ultimately, Human: Fall Flat is a great example of 3-D platforming brought into the modern era, but it’s a game that craves more content to hold the attention of players. The open-ended nature of the game is hugely appealing, but one that doesn’t survive a second playthrough.

Human: Fall Flat is available now on the Xbox Store priced at £11.99. Check out the launch trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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