New Medieval RTS Ancestors Announced

A new Real Time Strategy title from developers Destructive Creations has been announced today for Xbox One and PC. Ancestors will be set in Medieval times where you will be able to make your way through Europe in a bitter campaign as one of four nations. You can take the reigns of either Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German or Slav as you aim to go beyond just conquering the lands through intense wars on the battlefield.

Publisher 1C Company have stated Ancestors will feature:

  • 4 playable nations in an extensive single player campaign inspired by historical events

  • Advanced tactical options combining the use of terrain, experience and morale

  • Cinematic battle camera view puts you right in the center of the action

  • Outstanding visual fidelity powered by Unreal Engine 4

  • Intense multiplayer battles

  • Streamlined resource management and village construction

Check out the full cinematic trailer below:

The game is looking rather impressive, and is built within the Unreal 4 tech engine. Although no firm release has yet been given, we will likely see more of Ancestors in the coming months and at E3. Stay tuned to Xbox One UK for the latest updates!

Source: Press Release

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