Lethal League Review

There are few games that try to do things differently, especially ones that succeed and become smash hits (Rocket League for example), but developers Team Reptile has touted Lethal League as a competitive projectile fighting game, which you can understand where they are coming from, but on the other hand, this plays and feels more like a table tennis/ dodgeball hybrid.

In Lethal League, the aim of the game is to strike a ball towards your opponent(s) hoping to hit them before they have a chance to strike back. But with each hit, the speed of the ball increases making it harder to avoid the ball or carry on the rally. Once you hit one of your opponents with the ball, you score a point and the next round starts – known as ‘bursts’.


There are a total of six characters to choose from, each with their own weapon; although this doesn’t affect the playstyle, it’s their abilities that changes up gameplay. Each of the characters have their own distinct ability that can be activated, providing they’ve hit the ball enough times to fill up the meter. Once the meter is full, you can double tap the hit button just as you’re about to strike the ball to unleash your ability. For example, one of the characters ability curves the ball slightly making it harder for the opponent to judge when to strike – especially useful during intense rallies. The ball will also change colour depending on who hit it last and if it’s your colour, the ball will just phase through you without hurting you.

This is a competitive game after all, so playing alone gets incredibly dull quickly. With a challenge mode to take on the AI opponents and a training mode to practice your strikes a la squash, there isn’t much in the way of replayability so friends locally or online is essential. There are only three game modes to choose from: Free-for-all, Team and Striker. Free for all is what is outlined above, with team adding is exactly how it sounds – 2v2. If you want to change up the game for a change of pace, somewhat, Striker requires you to strike the ball at your opponents giant targets rather than the opponents themselves. This can either be played mano a mano or as a team too.

There is an XP-based progression system but that seems to be there purely to keep you playing to unlock new ‘flavours’ for your characters, which is basically new skins. Other than that, there’s nothing else rewarding in levelling up.


Lethal League is fun for a short while, even with a friend to play with, but it seems like this would be a lot more fun, and manic, when you hit the maximum four players brawling it out with one another. Having said that, this looks to be quite challenging, especially if you want to try and max out the top speed of the ball which never seemed to happen during the play through, of which would certainly require the use of the The Flash’s speed force to accomplish. Your challenge awaits…

Lethal League is available to download from the Xbox Store priced at £11.99.

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