Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of The Surge

The hardcore action RPG genre has grown massively in popularity over the past couple of years and The Surge is set to be the next entry. Today the publisher and developer, Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have released a trailer showing what went on behind the scenes in creating the game.

The trailer gives us a good idea of where the story is set and what we have to do. The Surge is set in a near future time and you play as Warren who, like we all have done, is starting a new job. But things go wrong from the word go when he is given the upgrades that he needs on his industrial exo-skeleton. After you awake from a blackout you find yourself in a scrapyard and it would seem like you are surrounded by things that want to kill you. You must work out what is going on. But more than that, you must work out how to escape.

The trailer gives you some idea to the thinking behind the game. There are some big themes tackled here. Environmentalism, technology and combat. The combat is very important in The Surge. Every battle will be tough and the game makes you work for your rewards. Enemies traditionally have hit boxes in video games, here you have the exact same one. This means that enemies react like you and you both do the same damage, everything is about risk and reward. The Surge wants you to fear every combat situation.

A lot of work went into making The Surge feel like an immersive experience, you can see how they did this below.


The Surge is an action RPG that is set to be released on May 16th.

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Source: thexboxhub.com

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