Zheros: The Forgotten Land DLC Review

You may remember Zheros. If we cast our minds back to January 2016, when the title originally launched, it was immediately included as part of Games with Gold. So now, some sixteen months later, we’ve oddly been granted a DLC drop by developer Rimlight Studios. If you’ve not yet played Zheros, check out our original review. From here on in, we’ll just be focusing on The Forgotten Land. The question is however, is it best left forgotten?

Following on from the previous story, the two zheros are faced by a returning Dr Vendetta, who is determined to become the most powerful being in the universe. The two protagonists must of course stop him in his tracks. This time set in the eastern world, there’s a very oriental feel to a portion of the DLC. Along your journey you’ll forge friendships with new allies, and in return, you’re treated to 8 fresh levels of 3D beat em up madness.

The gameplay is very much similar with little change to the main game. You come equipped with an impressive move set that can be upgraded, along with a couple of extra tricks up your sleeve for this DLC. You can as before, also buddy up for two player local co-op, which is when Zheros becomes much more fun.

Otherwise, other than new locations, we’re looking at the same game of long battles against enemies with an abundance of health. It can become repetitive, and fast. And whilst that has been the downfall of the original game, it actually offers a degree of fun as you work your way through.

Graphically nothing has changed either. The game would quite easily feel at home on the Xbox 360. It just feels like a last generation title that would have been mighty impressive ten years ago. There are moments of wonder as you pull off some of the harder moves on what appears to be a never ending horde of enemies. And it’s these moments that do leave a bit of satisfaction.

You can blast through the eight new levels in four-to-five hours. But that’s not too bad considering this comes in at just £3.99. You’re getting some decent value for the experience. But there may be little to return for once it is complete, unless you wish to go for the extra 200g of achievements for you completionists.

It was a surprise when The Forgotten Land came out of nowhere for its release. And if you enjoyed the original there’s without a doubt much more fun to be had here. Otherwise this DLC may be best left alone. It’s not the evolution of the scrolling beat em up we wanted, but for those who have gotten the best from the base game, it’s one to keep you smiling.

ZHEROS: The Forgotten Land DLC is available from the Xbox Store, priced £3.99

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