Are We Getting A New Fable Game?

Last year we got the sad news that Microsoft were closing Lionhead Studios and therefore putting a hold on the fan favourite franchise, Fable. This all happened while there was still a Fable game in the works, Fable Legends, meaning that game got cancelled when the studio closed.

The last numbered Fable came that we got was Fable 3 but since then we have also had Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey. This however may not be the end of the series. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox was asked on Twitter about the possibility of a Fable 4 and he didn’t rule it out. In fact he said that the franchise “has a lot of places it could go.” but that there was “nothing to announce right now.”

This of course doesn’t mean that we are definitely going to get a new Fable game but it shows that there is hope. With E3 coming up next month that could be the perfect place for Microsoft to announce a new game in the franchise but we won’t get our hopes up too high.

Would you like to see a new Fable game? Do you think the franchise can rise to the heights that it once did? Let us know in the comments section below.

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