Latest Xbox Project Scorpio Price Leaked And It’s Much Higher Than Before

Project Scorpio Price

Since it emerged that Spanish Retailer Xtralife had a placeholder for the Xbox Project Scorpio for €399 there has been much debate as to whether that price was a genuine indication of what we could expect or far too low for what will be a premium console. The latest price leak puts the Xbox Project Scorpio at a level far nearer the price that has been anticipated.

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In a recent article, Gametransfers announced that it had found greek online retailer Public.GR has the console at $600 or around £460. This sits much more in line with the noise coming from Microsoft themselves who have always stated that the console will have a price premium to reflect the spec and performance on offer. The site does have a caveat however as translated from Greek by Inquisitr.

“Note: In the event of a price drop, the order will be invoiced at the new, lower price, and in the event of a price increase, the console will be priced at the price that was applied when ordering”

Which could also translate as “This price is just something we made up as we had to put a number in”.

It’s quite common for technology companies to place a significant price premium on a product when launched as they know there are people who will pay whatever they need to in order to get the latest tech on the market.

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Microsoft is expected to make a number of announcements on Xbox Scorpio at this year’s E3. Until the official statement on recommended retail price is released we are all left to speculate.

Do you think the latest price is more accurate or too expensive? As always, comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Latest Xbox Project Scorpio Price Leaked And It’s Much Higher Than Before”

  1. I’m gonna wait to hear from Microsoft for a definate price but 460 ain’t that bad

  2. Oh I hope it’s 600 as it’s what I thought all along

  3. Dave Slye says:

    I can’t see that being the price to be honest, max it probably will be is $499/€499/£429 anything above…

  4. Darren says:

    Sorry guys, but there’s little that I hate more than lazy £ to $ or € to $ conversions. In Europe VAT is…

  5. @artfulc0dger I still say Xbox Scorpio ( here in U.K. ) will release at £449.99. What makes me wonder, I…

  6. @artfulc0dger If was a true next gen, new games but like PSPro/PS4 what games play on Scorpio will play…

  7. @artfulc0dger Games? We shall see

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