8 Original Xbox Games We Want Remastered On Xbox One

With the Xbox being a solid brand name in gaming for over fifteen years now, there’s been a vast library of games to satisfy our gaming needs over the three generations of console. Some of these games became one hit wonders. Some spawned franchises and many sequels. And some we just resigned to the recycle bin never to mention again.

After the release of the zany Xbox platformer Voodoo Vince last week on Xbox One, we got thinking here at Xbox One UK. What other titles from the original Xbox would we like to see have a remaster on Xbox One? With a strong library to pick from, and some long-forgotten names consigned to gaming history, here are our top eight picks:

  1. Gladius

LucasArts delivered a fine title in the guise of Gladius in 2003. As the title may suggest, the focus centers around gladiators. And in the tactical RPG, you’re tasked with building a school of them. Whilst the title comes with many RPG elements in regards to battle, outfit customisation and experience accumulation you would expect, it was the games execution that brought this forward as being a standout game for the year. Chances of a remaster? 0.000000000001%


  1. Conker: Live and Reloaded

Conker became part of the Microsoft family after the (at the time) world at the time lay stunned at the acquisition of Rare from Nintendo. And in 2005 he made his first (and last if we disregard Project Spark) appearance on the Xbox in form of a fully rebuilt version of the original Nintendo 64 game, Bad Fur Day. Most notably known for its more adult humour, Conker is one filthy squirrel that brought many laughs along his journey. How many other games have you played where you wake up hungover in the first scene? Along with an added multiplayer, Conker is not beyond the realms of impossibility for seeing an Xbox One remake. But with other projects keeping Rare busy, and the originals inclusion in Rare Replay, it’s likely to not be on their agenda.


  1. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

2003 was a great year for games and the Xbox. And Crimson Skies was no exception. Taking flight in this arcade flight fun fest, reviews favoured highly with the addition of Xbox Live features for online play included as console online gaming gathered pace. The main campaign featured twenty levels to get stuck into as well as four varying level of difficulty. We’d like to hold out some hope for a remaster, but grabbing an original copy would no doubt be your best chance of sampling this dog fight action.

crimson skies

  1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars fever has been running thick and fast since The Force Awakes debuted in cinemas in late 2015. With no sign of slowing down this year either with the eighth iteration and Battlefront II en-route, this is one story in the Star Wars universe not to be missed. Knights of the Old Republic went on to become one of the generations highest rated RPG’s among critics. A remake is probably wishful thinking and license issues would come into effect. But Bioware truly demonstrated its capabilities of producing not only an astounding RPG, but how to make best use of a franchise when you’ve got the chance to.


  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3

The ‘Clancyverse’ has expanded ten-fold since its early PC and console days. Rainbow Six 3 was a stunning addition to Xbox. Ported in 2003 from PC, Ubisoft Montreal took full advantage of the new Xbox Live service to allow online tactical squad based shooting become a reality for Xbox owners. Additional content was also provided for console owners of the game. Something that looking back on now, could be viewed as a pioneer for the current generation and DLC. If you’re listening Ubisoft, we’d love to see this return!


  1. Jade Empire

Bioware returned to the fold in 2005 with Xbox exclusive RPG Jade Empire. With Knights of the Old Republic under their belts, fans already knew what Bioware could do with the Xbox. And with that lay great expectations on the developer’s shoulders. And they took that weight and proved once more fans had nothing to fear. With a gripping story set out in chapters, the RPG added many action elements to the game and upon release, saw worldwide critical acclaim. If there’s one game in this list that has more than whisker of a chance of a remaster, Jade Empire would be the one. Now lets all flood Biowares inbox with pleas of such a dream coming true.



  1. Panzer Dragoon Orta

The final game in the Panzer Dragoon series, which started life on the Sega Saturn, came in 2003. The on-rails shooter received critical acclaim across the board. Sadly though, along with a slew of Sega franchises from the yesteryear, this is another series that has been left consigned to the history books. Although not remastered, the title was made available to play as part of the Xbox 360 backwards compatible library if you’re lucky enough to own an original copy.


  1. Burnout 3: Takedown

Whilst we considered Burnout Revenge to take the crown, due to its Xbox 360 release we opted for its just as good predecessor. Burnout 3 changed the franchise in many ways. Ultimately paving the way for 2008’s excellent Burnout Paradise. Sadly we haven’t had a new full console game in the series since then. It would be excellent to fuel a reprieve to the series with a remastered visit back to one of Xbox’s finest crash and burn racers. However, chances of such an offering do not hold odd in favour.


And that wraps up our pick here at XBOUK. It’s worth noting we excluded certain titles that have either had previous sequels on the Xbox 360 (PGR, Fable) and Halo for its inclusion in the MasterChief Collection. But we want to know what you think would make a great remaster from the original Xbox era. Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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