Tekken 7 Will Attempt To Be Rage-Quit Proof

We have all either done it or had it done to us. There have even been studies on it.  The rage quit. Bandai Namco wants to ensure that rage-quitting is something that isn’t possible in the latest edition of it’s fighting title, Tekken 7.

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“How will they manage that?” you ask. It’s something that the game designers have been thinking long and hard about, as confirmed by Katsuhiro Harada in a recent interview with Gamespot.

“You can’t keep someone from physically pulling out the LAN cable, so the only thing you can do is make them not want to do that by having some kind of penalties. Although we can’t really go into that at the moment, we do have penalties planned for that. We don’t want to go into a lot of detail right now because the hackers and such will already start about thinking of ways to circumvent that. But we do have plans to implement some penalties.”

There is no doubt that rage-quitting is something that designers, developers, and platforms alike need to find a way to curb if they want to deliver the best gaming experience for everyone, however, we question whether even the development of punishments and penalties for rage-quitters will prevent people from losing control of their temper. It will be interesting to see how Bandai Namco attempt to tackle the phenomena

5 Demonstrations of Rage-Quitting

  1. The TV Smash

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2. The Table Flip

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3. The Classic Walkout

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4. The Blunt Instrument

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5. The QWERTY Swipe

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Are you a rage-quitter? Do you think rage-quitting is something that needs to be stopped

Source: Gamespot

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One thought on “Tekken 7 Will Attempt To Be Rage-Quit Proof”

  1. Tom Walsh says:

    no it won’t we will still be able to turn off our consoles in a rage…

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