Lots of New Tekken 7 Footage Drops, Modes Detailed

It is currently a fantastic time to be a fighting game fan. Capcom recently announced the release daate for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite (September 19th, by the way), Injustice 2 is a mere three weeks away, and BANDAI NAMCO have dropped a whole bunch of new footage for Tekken 7. Like I said, it’s a fantastic time.

The first video is a character trailer showing off combos for characters like Law, Devil Jin and Hwoarang, alongside new characters like Gigas and Katarina. Each characters showcases their special move and combos better than anything I could ever pull off, and we’ve got what appears to be a bit of story mode footage to boot. Check it out below!

Speaking of story mode, the second trailer of the day details the modes Tekken 7 will be launching with. Though the trailer is Japanese, we were able to pick out some key points. The new story mode, titled The Mishima Saga, will have selectable characters at key moments, cutscenes blending into gameplay and Akuma fighting Kazuya on a rooftop. It’s everything the E3 trailer promised!

The Online Mode gets a few mentions, with your usual ranked, player and lobby modes standing shoulder to shoulder with tournament mode complete with winner and loser’s bracket. It should cater to both casual and hardcore players.

In terms of offline, we’ve got the standard arcade ladder, versus and training modes and the return of the customise mode. You want to give Heihachi an afro, or give Master Raven a squid head? This is for you. Plus, you can fight custom characters to earn gold and new pieces for yourself in the Treasure Battle Mode. Check out that trailer right here!

And that’s everything for today. Are you excited for the return of the Mishima family come June 2nd, or do the other fighting games coming out this year have your attention? Let us know in the comments!

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