ARK Survival Evolved Update Launched

Earlier this week ARK: Survival Evolved was due to get its biggest update yet but sadly it was delayed. But let your sadness begone as today the update was finally launched and with it came some features that are very exciting indeed. The update itself is around 5gb in size.

The update was delayed due to the Xbox’s certification scheme that is in place to protect the console. This means that PC players have already had the update and some Xbox players have been asking why.

Wildcard Studios have addressed some of these concerns “We send our patches through to cert as soon as they’re ready to be certified, we don’t hold them back.” They also addressed the reason for the difference in the launch dates of PC’s and consoles and why they didn’t give us a confirmed date for the launch. “The alternative would be holding back announcing a time until it’s passed. Though we’re still going to run into console players wondering when the update is going to be, as PC players would have it then we have to consider, do we provide an ETA for the cert to be complete – and that leads us to where we are now. I guess here are the things we have to consider, would you guys rather wait longer for content than you do already?” Well obviously we wouldn’t so this is probably the best solution.


The studio also commented on why the update took so long “It didn’t take almost a month cause we were slow, but because it’s probably one of the largest updates (in scope) ever,” a community manager. So that shows us really how committed Wildcard Studios is about their game.

Some of the features included are:

  • Structure: TEK Power Generator. The wireless generators power TEK structures and any Tribe electrical structures in adjustable range.
  • Structures & Mechanic: TEK Underwater Bases. Allows fully-enclosed structures to be created underwater, with ventilators to allow oxygen filled room. Air-locks and moonpools allow players to enter and exit without flooding their base. (Wich is nice).
  • Structure: TEK Teleporter. Helps players move around the expansive open-world island. But very expensive to obtain
  • Item: TEK Mosa Saddle. Once properly placed on the Mosasaur it equips the beast with lasers and more

There has also been a nerf to the Flyers meaning that they will be used more in the way that Wildcard Studios intended. As well as all of this there will be the addition of new dinosaurs and a re-balancing to the taming of some creatures.

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