The Battlefield 1 Spring Update Is Coming

Spring is in the air and with it is the scent of a new update for EA’s World War 1 shooter Battlefield 1. The update comes packed with a whole host of new and improved features that will fill Battlefield players with the joys of the season.

Firstly there will be password protected servers. These servers will be completely private and allow clans to enjoy the game the way that they want to. This means that clans will be able to hold their own competitions. They will also give a lot of added freedom to content creators which is never anything to be sniffed at.

The planes in the game have also been nerfed. This means that finally the lowly soldiers on the ground will actually stand a chance. So rather than donning your flying goggles you may want to fix that bayonet instead.


Medics will also be getting a new ability which will add a brand new element to the game. They will be able to spot dead friendlies. This means that once you have been gunned down you will be able to see that you have been spotted and wait to be revived rather than just spamming the respawn button until you become reborn. This has the potential to add a whole new element to the way that squads use their medics.

Probably the most interesting feature of all though will be the reintroduction of platoons, a feature that was first seen in battlefield 3. Platoons are really just squads that are made up of a set group of players. They will consist of four ranks, General, Colonel, Lieutenant, and Private. If you create the platoon you will automatically be the General. Once a platoon takes up most of the slots in a squad then the squad name will be changed to that of the platoon. Another nice little touch is that the flags on captured points will contain the emblem of the platoon that did the most to capture them.

Lastly there will be 19 new ribbons, four new level 10 weapon variants and five new dog tags for you to collect.

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