Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 1 Review

If you’d have mentioned the Guardians of the Galaxy to most people a few years ago, you’d be greeted with looks of confusion and rightfully branded a “NEEEEERRRRDDD!”. Now, you can’t move for Groot figures and Star-Lord masks. What a difference the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes.

Naturally, once you’ve conquered Hollywood, video games are next. With Telltale at the helm for the team’s first virtual adventure together, can the transition be a successful one? Could Telltale do the team justice? After playing through Episode 1, it certainly seems that way.


Taking control of Star-Lord himself, you lead the team on a quest that involves ancient relics, galactic conquering evil doers and a hangover from hell. And this is just the first episode. Excuse the pun, but they have a whole galaxy of possibilities to explore in the next four.

Though it was a bit disillusioning to hear someone other than Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista do the voices for the characters, the graphics and voice over work are fantastic. Par for the course for a Telltale game, really, but they should be commended for capturing the tone and humour that the film portrayed whilst putting their own spin on things. And that includes a sweet soundtrack too. GotG wouldn’t be complete without a mixtape or two.


The relationship between the team appears to be the key focus of the game going forward, often seeing you take sides with different members of the Guardians. The job of the first episode is to hook you into the world and story, and it’s already intriguing to imagine where it could go from here.

As for the gameplay, it’s your usual cookie cutter Telltale “walk ‘n’ talk” simulator. Walk here, talk to this guy, walk there, interact with that object, rinse and repeat. If you’re expecting some kind of grand revolution of the concept, this isn’t it. But even if it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, Telltale are still the champions of interactive storytelling, and there’s enough of that on show here to warrant a purchase. Episode 1 has set the pace, now let’s see if the rest of the season can keep up.

You can pick up the full season from the Xbox Store for £19.19. Check out the trailer for Episode 1 below!

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  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


A decent start to the collaboration between Marvel and Telltale, Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 1 gives players more of the stellar interactive storytelling that Telltale have become known for. And more Groot. Bring on the next episode!

Ashley Bates

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