Destiny 2 Future DLC Speculation

A few months back we wrote about what we felt could be further expanded when a true sequel for Destiny would be announced. Now that we know Destiny 2 exists and the premise behind it, which we was something we predicted, we thought we could dive into the latest grimore cards to further speculate what’s on the horizon in Destiny 2.

First, all the clues leading to the Cabal making a push to compensate for their defeats at the hands of the Guardians and Oryx is obviously the main story for Destiny 2. Lead by their commander Ghaul (while resisting the urge to call him Gary), the last safe city on Earth is destroyed. Ghaul however doesn’t appear to be the head of the Cabal Empire. Also, we assume that it’s safe to say that Ghaul isn’t coming alone with one army. Future DLC may expand on other leaders of the empire. Ghaul more than likely holds the rank of Primus which according to current lore is the highest in the Cabal hierarchy we know of. Is Ghaul going to be a raid boss or maybe some other higher Cabal official? We will see.

If Destiny has had any running theme, it is Bungie sure loves having Guardians kill off family members of Oryx, The Taken King. In the first expansion, The Dark Below, we killed Crota, the Son of Oryx. When The Taken King was released, we not only killed Oryx’s daughters Ir Anuk and Ir Halak, the death singers, but also Oryx himself. Who could possibly be left right? Well looking back at the Grimore from Destiny, there is a story known as the Book of Sorrow. The Book of Sorrow explains of the Hive came to exist and how Oryx came to power. A large part of that book also contains Oryx’s two sisters Savathun and Xivu Arath. Oryx and his sisters made a deal with worm gods together and have to continue feeding their true nature to live. Oryx was to explore and inquire while killing to feed his worm. Xivu Arath is known as the strongest and she is to feed her strength. Savathun is the most cunning and is to never abandon her trait. I’m sure that while they also need to kill to feed their worms to continue living, they may not like knowing their brother is now dead at the hands of the Guardians. We believe this is a likely outcome to run into these two in a later DLC just because we know so much about them. To make it more interesting, Oryx was looked at as the weakest of the three. We really hope that we learn more about this family affair in the future.

Lastly, with the release of Rise of Iron, we were introduced to SIVA. SIVA was a nanotechnology that, when given a directive, would operate until given a new directive. It follows a 3 step process so to speak: consume – enhance – replicate. The Fallen who discovered SIVA never really could control it but were able to use it to make themselves more powerful. By destroying the Archon Prime Aksis in the Wrath of the Machine raid and destroying the replication chamber in the Iron Tomb mission, SIVA should no longer be a concern. Well, with the new Adept versions of the Wrath of the Machine primary weapons, the flavor text hints that maybe SIVA has evolved and has a mind of its own now. The adept version of the Chaos Dogma scout rifle for example has a new flavor text that says: replicate(pain) consume(enemies) OVERRIDE sig(gunsmith). Is SIVA now able to override its own directive to do what it wants. Two of the other weapons now reference Drs. Shirazi and Zhang, two of the scientists behind the creation of SIVA. SIVA might still be a threat in the upcoming sequel as well.

We know from product art that we are getting 2 DLC’s, one that appears to involve Osiris and the other being the warsat Rasputin. This may expand more into their lore which is quite empty overall. What do you think will be featured in Destiny DLC? Let us know in the comment section below!

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