Outlast 2 Launch Trailer

The long awaited sequel to 2014’s phenomenal survival horror game Outlast is set to be released next week and lets be honest, anyone who likes to be scared out of their mind is getting pretty excited. Outlast 2 is set to bring the fear levels up to the maximum and capitalise on the success of the original game.

To get us in the mood for all of this, developer Red Barrels has released a launch trailer that is just as creepy as you would expect. The trailer is dark and menacing but tells us very little about what we can expect, which is obviously for the best. It does however show us how the visuals will unsettle us just as much as any of the horrors that are out to get us.

So lift your arms up and get ready to hide behind your hands as you enjoy the trailer below.

Outlast 2 is set to be released worldwide on Tuesday April 25th.

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