Bionik QuickShot Controller Grips & Lynx Charging Cable Review

Bionik may not be a name you’re familiar with, unless you’re one of our many readers from across the big blue in America. Primarily producing peripherals and hardware accessories, Bionik are gaining pace with a growing inventory of products for the Xbox One. Having already released an Elite controller kit, we’re going to focus on their other two products – the QuickShot Custom Grips and Lynx Charging Cable.

It’s a busy market to compete in for third party accessories. With plenty of options available, there’s always the fear of not feeling good enough when purchasing something that isn’t official. Both accessories have been put through their paces in a vigorous test run. The custom grips especially, which have been tested with a diverse range of game genres to allow a greater test potential. The question is, are either worth your money?

Lynx Charging Cable

Bionik are describing this 10-foot-long cable as a premium product. Length is certainly one of the greatest aspects of the cable, which is covered in a woven shield. The flat cables inside run smooth with its non-tangle design. It certainly feels of good quality and carries a bit of weight with it too. No lag was evident whilst charging and the connections on each end have a solid feel to them with no evidence of bad connections on either controller or console. But don’t expect this to charge any quicker than other charging cables.

Whilst the design isn’t horrendous, you can’t help but feel the woven effect resembles more of the kind of wire you would expect to find on an iron. Being 10 feet long might be the only reason you’d want to opt for this cable, which currently retails for $14.99 through the official Bionik website.


QuickShot Custom Grips

Since the release of the Xbox Elite controller, third parties have started to develop their own variations on how to upgrade your gaming pad of choice. The custom grips slot around the back of each prong on your controller. The selling point is the trigger switches. By moving these into position, of which there is only one available, your left and right triggers will only push down half way. This aims to give you an advantage in certain games, such as first person shooters.

The trigger locks themselves protrude slightly, and this gives off an unnatural feel if your fingers are poised on both triggers. It’s an annoyance that soon becomes second nature however. The largest downfall is the lack of difference the trigger position makes to gameplay. Although supposedly designed to ‘improve reaction time’, after testing numerous FPS games, not once did the feeling of gaining any slight advantage feel evident. Other genres, such as racing games, need the triggers to be fully pressed to get the most out of your gas tank. To which, this leaves the feature obsolete.


The grips themselves feel excellent to hold with a non-slip, textured design. And whilst this isn’t the selling point, it is without question their biggest advantage. The black colour is identical to that of your standard Xbox One controller. However the grips – even when properly and fully inserted, have a slight gap that doesn’t quite sit comfortably. It’s by no means a deal breaker, but it could have been a bit more flush. To get your current grips off may take a bit of persuasion, but Bionik have bundled in a small plastic tool to help.


Both products feel of a quality build. The charging cable without question is essential if you’re after extra length to game whilst charging battery packs. But otherwise there is not much different, bar the non-tangle design, that you can’t get from any other third party cable.

The QuickShot custom grips are a delight to hold with the textured reverse. However they don’t add anything to your gameplay as such. Whilst the trigger locks should be the primary focus, the only aspect you should consider if you are looking to purchase custom grips is the textured feel and whether that suits you personally.

You can check out the Lynx Charging Cable, QuickShot Grips and more at the Bionik website

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