Rogue Stormers Review

Genre combinations are gleaming in abundance with Rogue Stormers. Blending together action, platforming, twin stick shooter, rpg and roguelike elements in a huge mixer. It’s a bit like trying to create a new dish, but have developers Black Forest Games got the right mixture of ingredients to make this a standout title?

Roguelike, is classed as a sub-genre of the fabled RPG, which involves levels being randomly generated. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from the seven main levels featured in the game. Each run through offers a different layout to test your wits against a slew of enemies.

As you set off through the story, you’ll have hordes of goblins, orcs and all manner of crazy designed enemies. The game is set in a 2D world with 3D backdrops; which seems to be common practice nowadays. It’s crafted with care with some beautiful backgrounds and settings. However, certain aspects of levels can appear somewhat bland and unrefined – possibly due to the randomly generated aspects.

Characters – Although there’s only one character available to you at the beginning, you can unlock four more if you persevere through the levels. As you would expect, each character comes equipped with their own set of weapons and skills, making playthroughs become a game of tactics as to who may be best at specific stages of the game.  It offers a nice selection of variety once you have access to the full set with differing classes. There’s also an abundance of upgrades to help progress characters further along the journey.


Default controls are fluid and feel modern. In line with the twin stick genre however, getting to grips with the controls may take some time to adjust to. Finding yourself mashing on A to jump is not an uncommon practice before realising you should be pressing the left trigger. But movement feels fluid, which goes a long way when a lot of firepower is blasting around your screen.

Progression can take time in Rogue Stormers. Your first half hour in can feel somewhat uninspiring with a regular flow of the same enemies and little to no room for progressing early. Speaking of early, you may also find yourself facing a lot of deaths, then being summoned back to the title screen. Unforgiving and old school, but if you have perseverance, you will soon discover that it becomes a lot more enjoyable as you start to unlock characters and rise through the randomly generated levels. Because of this, there is a lot of lifespan to be taken from the title, just be prepared to have a little patience as you make your way through though.

Rogue Stormers shines at its best without question when playing in co-op mode. Teaming up with a buddy gives you not only a greater chance of survival, but also the opportunity to achieve those unlock goals that little bit easier, leading to being a little bit sooner. It just feels a lot more fun when there’s two of you. Luckily, online co-op is included as well as local, and both modes of play offer you up to four players at once.

Rogue Stormers tries its best to blend together different genres and on the whole, delivers an enjoyable experience. With a good mix of play it just feels somewhat mediocre in certain elements. Black Forest Games were close to serving Xbox One gamers with a new outstanding dish, but with a bit too much grinding and a dash more than needed of perseverance, this is one dish that is still enjoyable, but not the first you will head to on the menu.

Rogue Stormers is available now through the Xbox Store, priced £15.99

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