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Launched 14 years ago on the first Xbox console, Vodoo Vince was an underrated platform-adventure game that had potential to be a platform mascot for Microsoft, much like Mario is to Nintendo or Crash bandicoot was to PlayStation.

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You take control of a little Voodoo doll named Vince, after being inadvertently sprinkled with zombie dust due to some thugs breaking into Madame Charmaine’s voodoo shop. When Madame Charmaine discovers what has happened, she is knocked out and these thugs kidnap her, and it’s up to Vince to hunt them down. With reality splitting and creatures coming back to life as evil incarnations; an after-effect of the zombie dust, you must traverse your way across New Orleans to rescue your creator.

Controls are relatively simple and stick to standard game design such as pressing A to jump and double tapping the A button will allow you to double jump. X will allow you to punch and perform various actions such as pressing switches or pulling levers, whilst B makes Vince do a spin attack. You can pick up objects with the Y button, that soon become instrumental to completing certain puzzles.

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Vince can also learn new abilities as the story progresses that can either be necessary in order to progress further, such as Vince’s Swing Pin which lets you swing around the levels or abilities to help aide you on your journey, like Vince’s All Seeing Eye that allows you to locate hidden items and collectibles such as hearts or missing Skull Pages. Once enough of these skull pages are found in a level, you’ll discover a location of a skull, marked by an X somewhere in that level. Grab this skull as it starts moving and you’ll be granted an extra Voodoo Power slot. These Voodoo Power slots allows you to unleash a special ability amongst your foes that may be gained by story progression or by completing certain tasks. For example, defeating all the frogs on the first level will gran you the Pins ability, mentioned earlier, however you may still complete the level without doing this task.

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This is a remastered version after all, and so the visuals have improved and so has the fluidity of Vince moving across the levels, whereas in the original, the camerawork was tedious to control. All the mechanics have remained, so for those familiar with the original, will have nothing new to learn. Achievements however are something that didn’t exist back then, so it’s a pleasure to revisit nostalgia to gain some Gamerscore for what once was a decent platformer, now given a new lease of life for new and old players alike. Although this still isn’t enough to extend from its original play-through time, as this can take you around seven to eight hours to complete, with no added extras or new game+.

There is plenty of enjoyment to be had from Voodoo Vince. This is a 3D platformer yes, but it also has some mediocre puzzles for you to tackle, some mini games for you to discover and have a go at and plenty of collectibles to be found, making this a rare platforming gem. But this is just more of the same old, with nothing new included (except for the fact that this is indeed an Xbox Play Anywhere title) so those who have played the original expecting extras, should look elsewhere. For those who want to bring back nostalgic moments and newcomers to the game, you’re in for a short but most definitely enjoyable ride.

Voodoo Vince: Remastered is available to purchase and download digitally from the Xbox Store, priced at £12.49.

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