Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review

Bulletstorm has the distinction of being somewhat of a “cult classic” shooter, despite only being 6 years old. When the original game dropped on the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2011, it received plenty of praise from critics, but fell under the radar of the mainstream gaming audience.

Whether it was an issue of poor advertising or a less than ideal release window, Bulletstorm didn’t reach the sales target intended by EA and People Can Fly. It was a huge shame, since Bulletstorm offered bags of personality and a combat system with enough depth to separate it from the rest of the genre.

Bulletstorm Remaster 4

Fortunately for those who missed it the first time round, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition gives players an updated experience with better visuals, an improved framerate (for the most part) and the same skillshot system we fell in love with back in 2011. And Duke Nukem, if that’s your bag. In case you forgot that Gearbox now own the rights to Bulletstorm.

For a game older than the average age of people online claiming to have slept with your mum, Bulletstorm still feels fresh. People might gripe about the full price tag, but it still manages to match and even eclipse the quality of some of today’s shooters. To still feel as original and unique to play now as it did back then is a testament to the quality that Bulletstorm offers.

Controlling main protagonist/washed up space pirate Grayson Hunt is a joy. He moves at a pace reminiscent of a classic FPS, yet with the precision of the finest modern shooter. Epitomising the mantra of always outnumbered but never outgunned, he comes equipped with an armoury that’d make even the most hardened of doomsday prepper blush, including a four barrelled shotgun and a drill launcher.

Bulletstorm Remaster 3

But the stars of the show are Grayson’s massive boot and his handy leash, which can be used to set up skillshots. The skillshots are the real backbone of the game and what makes combat feel so rewarding. You earn points based on manner in which you dispatch enemies. Merely shooting a guy in the stomach won’t cut it; you need to get creative.

Each skillshot, such as getting a headshot or booting a guy into a wall of spikes (and those are the easy ones), earns a set amount of skillpoints which can be utilised for upgrades. There’s no penalty for using the same skillshot over and over again, so if you find something that works, go for it.

Watching your screen fill up with skillshot notifications after a particularly brilliant bout of brutality is satisfying beyond belief, and each fight is a new opportunity for experimentation with your weapons and abilities. It’s a shooter unlike others that have came before or since, and it’s all the better for it.


As far as new additions and changes go, there isn’t much besides some new challenges and Overkill Mode, which allows you to equip all weapons at once with infinite ammo. Truly, it is overkill. Still, there might not be enough content to attract veteran Bulletstorm players, but this remaster isn’t for them.

This is for the hundreds of thousands of gamers who slept on Bulletstorm the first time around. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition grants first time players the definitive experience of a game they should’ve enjoyed six years ago. Whether it’s the onslaught of jokes and profanity, the skillshots or even just a particular weapon, chances are you’ll find something about Bulletstorm you can adore.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is available right now on the Xbox Store for £44.99 with the Duke Nukem DLC included. Check out the trailer below!

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  • 9/10
    Overall - 9/10


This is a call to action; a rallying cry for the public at large to redeem themselves for the mistakes of the past. This is your second chance. If you haven’t played this game before, don’t let history repeat itself – buy Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

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