Try Before You Buy And Play Prey For Free

*Edit – Prey Opening Hour Demo is now live*

It’s fair to say most of us like to try something before we choose to buy it and console games are certainly no exception. While we are always informed before we play that, “This demo is not reflective of the final product” it’s clear that if a game fails to deliver the thrills we expect, chances are that our hard-earned will be going somewhere else. This makes it a delicate balancing act for publishers; give too little away and people may not have time to be enchanted by the story or wooed by the graphics. Give away too much and you risk players picking apart your prized title.

Bethesda believes the sweet spot in the case of upcoming Sci-fi action/thriller “Prey” is to give you a chance to play the opening hour of the game which will be available from the 27th April. The full game is launching worldwide on the 5th May.

Prey WhatIsPrey 730x411

If you are not aware of the storyline, Prey sees you taking control of Morgan Yu, (cue multiple puns) the unfortunate fellow who has had the responsibility of saving humanity placed firmly on his shoulders. Waking up to find he is trapped on the Space Station Talos and surrounded by an alien race called the Typhoon, Prey has Yu explore, fight and think your way out of the situation he has found himself in.

Are you looking forward to trying out Prey? What would you love to see in a Sci-Fi game? As always, comment below.

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