Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Trailer

Dead Rising 4 has something a little different for you this week. We say this because this is the week that developer Capcom Vancouver releases the new piece of DLC for Dead Rising 4, Frank Rising and it is certainly something a little different for the franchise.

Frank Rising will see main protagonist Frank West in a little bit of a predicament. He has been bitten by a zombie and has in turn, as is want to happen at such times, become a zombie himself. But not any old zombie, he is a zombie with some very special abilities. These abilities come in the form of some very strange mutations. Oh and all the while you will have to satisfy that urge that all zombies have, you know, the one for human flesh.

The main crux of this new mission is that you must find a cure to help yourself not be a zombie anymore. This of course would be very desirable if you have had the miss fortune of been turned. There is an added pressure been applied though. The city is about to be leveled by a bomb (of course it is, this is Dead Rising we’re talking about) in an attempt to stop the hordes spreading to the outside world. So, good luck with that.

Just to give you a taste of what all of this will be like we have a short trailer for you to enjoy.

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