Will Project Scorpio Be An Upgradeable Console?

Us Xbox fans are a very excitable lot and at the moment this is more the case than usual. As E3 inches it’s way closer we are expecting more and more news about what we currently know as Project Scorpio. So far what we really know about the new high powered console is a little limited so any news is more than welcome, if only to dispel the rumours that are already flying around.

Since the initial mention of the high powered Xbox console there has been talk that the console could well be upgradeable. This would mean that owners would be able to lift up the lid of the console and upgrade parts as and when they wanted to. This is a feature that has excited a great many people, bringing console gaming ever closer to it’s PC counterpart. Well finally we have heard what Phil Spencer the head of Xbox has to say on the matter.

As well as dispelling any idea that we might have about been able to upgrade our consoles, this also seems to go hand in hand with what the head of Xbox has said before. He has already said that he thinks there is something very special about been able to take the console and plug it straight into the TV and play without any other messing around.

There is also another reason that keeping the console in it’s present form makes sense for Xbox. If they were to start making their consoles upgradable then they run the risk of going up against themselves with the Windows PC gaming market.

What do you think, would you like to be able to upgrade your console or are you happy with the current plug and play set up?

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Source: gamerant.com

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