The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3 Review

It’s been over three months since the release of the first two episodes of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Our review of the opening double bill rated the third season as having a positive return. This leaves the next episode, ‘Above the Law’, with a fast pace to maintain, whilst satisfying a cliff-hanger ending for fans of episode two.

This review will remain largely spoiler free, and not touch on story specifics. So fear not if you have yet to dive into the series.

Picking up with the plot twist from the last episode, Javier is seen to have more than his hands full to deal with the arising situation against The New Frontier. Above the Law maintains the pacing set before it. Choices you must make in this episode become both heart wrenching and emotionally draining to even the most hardened of us. It’s not an easy ride, but one that satisfies throughout.

Javier himself is a very likable protagonist, taking the lead away from series stalwart Clementine. However, the latter is featured throughout the series. And whilst you only have direct control of Clem through ‘flashbacks’, it is these scenes that maybe awaken the waterworks the most within our own eyes. The flashback scenes fill in Clem’s story between the end of season two to present day, and what happened with her struggle for survival with baby A.J.

TellTale themselves have matured with their gameplay. If you head back and play any of their previous games from a few years ago, it’s evident that there’s more polish and effectiveness among the story telling, and flow of the game. And whilst certain aspects remain, such as occasional stuttering with loading, it’s these areas that TellTale are also getting to grips with, finally.

Whilst episode one was of decent length, the second could be done within an hour. Above the Law has thankfully given us more time with the group and with it more decisions to make along with the usual quick time events. You will probably find yourself completing episode three in around two hours, but this is a drastic improvement on the previous.

With the seventh season now drawing to a close, TellTale have continued to deliver a positive story, with references and characters that are currently seen in the TV show making a welcome and surprising appearance. It is an episode well worth checking out. And maybe the TV show could learn and borrow from the games script itself to achieve stellar story telling at its best.

Above the Law is available now from the Xbox store priced £5.19.

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With fast pacing, coupled with an emotional story set in the first two episodes, Above the Law keeps the flow just right. HArd choices and a maturity from Telltale in their design make this an essential episode. And whilst occasional stuttering in gameplay occurs, it’s minor enough to not effect play as Telltale finally appear to rise above flaws of their past titles.

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