Glide Mini Game Coming To Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the great wonders of our age. Since its release developer Mojang has kept churning out more and more content for the game. We have seen Tell Tale create a point and click adventure game and there has also been new game modes added to the actual Minecraft game itself. Last year this included the Hunger Games style Battle mode.

Tomorrow will see the launch of a new mini game in the Minecraft world called Glide. Recently we have seen the addition of the Elytra item. This is a set of wings that lets you fly around the world at will. This Elytra item is very hard to find in the world itself so this new game mode will make use of it allowing everyone to use this new item. To help you Glide along you will use updrafts created by fire pools that will help you rise up into the air.

Glide will see you racing through maps against other players. The races will initially be set in pre-created maps that will utilise and then test all the skills at the players command. In the future there will be more maps released for the game and there is also the potential for more pre-paid maps to be added.

The Glide game mode is set to be released tomorrow onto the Xbox One version of Minecraft and will be free to play.

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