Sonic The Hedgehog Visits SXSW, And It Isn’t All Good News

Sega was at SXSW on Thursday revealing some new information on their upcoming projects, along with some tidbits of Sonic Mania on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter page.

So, bad news or good news first? Bad? Okay, you asked for it. Sonic Mania; a 2D Sonic platformer that I’m sure we were all looking forward to getting hand cramp from, has been delayed. By an entire season! The initial release date of spring 2017, has been pushed back to summer 2017. Maybe Sega themselves got too caught up in testing that they forgot to keep developing as well.

The above video shows some gameplay from Sonic Mania, released presumably to keep us from noticing the lack of a specific release date. Although seeing this classic level from Sonic 3 brought back to life, I can’t say I mind all that much.

Some lighter news now, as Sega has gracefully shared with us the official title of the mysterious “other” Sonic game, formerly known as “Project Sonic” or “Sonic 2017”. Sonic Forces, which is what the game is now known as, references “the battle between the forces of good and evil”. Sonic Forces will be completely in 3D, built using a brand new engine called “The Hedgehog Engine 2”, which will be released on Xbox One along with all other current platforms.

Sonic Forces

So how much hair are you going to pull out whilst waiting an extra season to play Sonic Mania? Will you be following Sonic Forces’ progress along with myself? Let us know in the comments.

Source: mxdwn

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