New Overwatch Champion Orisa Preview

This morning Overwatch devs tweeted a preview of the newest Champion: Orisa.

“Rheinhardt is really the only character that can stand his ground and mark a spot, and move with his team real slow. So we thought there was a great opportunity there for another option.”

“The look of Orisa really spawned from the idea of wanting to do an African Mech. We have a map called Numbani which is in Africa. Numbani being one of the futuristic cities we have in Overwatch, with the curved shapes and the greens and yellows and earth tones. We really wanted that to carry through into Orisa’s design.

“One of the things we haven’t done yet was a Quadraped. There’s a whole ecology of omnic unis from the Omi Crisis that are three legs, four legs, five legs, you name it, so we wanted to explore what other archetypes Overwatch could have.”

Check out Orisa’s abilities here.

Orisa will be available on March 21st, 2017.

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Sabrina Sanders

Sabrina Sanders is a freelance writer and gamer. Her love of the Xbox console started with Halo and kept growing with each new game she tried. Sabrina is obsessed with story driven games, but she does take time to enjoy a few hack and slash or bullet spraying titles when the mood strikes. Armed with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University, the search is on to bring fellow Xbox lovers news of exciting up-and-coming games.

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