Trulon: The Shadow Engine Comes To The Xbox One

Trulon: The Shadow Engine is a steampunk themed RPG that has some very interesting mechanics which could be a nice addition to the RPG genre. Created by authors Johan Lillbacka and Jak Koke, Trulon: The Shadow Engine has now been released on the Xbox One.

A strange disease is spreading through Maelon and Tripudia and no one seems to know where it is coming from. You play as Gladia and her friends as you explore the world trying to uncover the origins of the mysterious illness.


The most interesting aspect of Trulon: The Shadow Engine is the combat system. The battles that you face are played out using a card based system. You choose one of four different characters, each of which have their own unique strengths and play styles. In combat you get to use more than fifty different cards meaning that each battle plays out differently. Combine this with a plot that has a great many twists and turns that will suck you in and you have a game that is a great addition to the RPG genre.


You can download Trulon: The Shadow Engine from the Xbox Store for £15.99.

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