Play The Division For FREE

So you haven’t tried The Division yet? What are you waiting for? With the launch of update 1.6 the game has never been in a better state with as much content as it has ever had. But wait, buying any triple A game these days is something of an investment and they don’t come cheap. Don’t you worry friends, Ubisoft have got you covered.

For a potentially limited time you will be able to try The Division for free. That’s right, Free. You won’t have to pay one penny. There are a few restrictions however. The trial will last for 6 hours or until you get to level 8, whichever comes first. In that time you will have access to anything that you would have access to in the full game up until that point, so unfortunately no Dark Zone (that comes at level 12).

If after this period you decide that you want to continue your adventure in New York then you can buy the full game and you will keep all of your progress. This means that any weapons and gear that you collect will still be yours to keep.

The announcement of this free trial coincides with the release of both update 1.6 which adds a whole host of new features and also the release of Last Stand DLC. So there is no better time to get involved with the battle for the streets of New York.

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