Explore New Lands In Battllefield 1’s Upcoming DLC!

Battlefield 1

With four DLC’s promised with the Battlefield 1 Pass, players everywhere have been itching to find out what they might contain. Well you need wait no longer as DICE has announced where the latest DLC will take us.

The first release, They Shall Not Pass, will see the French army marching into our games on March 14th for Premium Pass players and March 28th for non-premium players.


Many players did not like that the French army had been left out of the game upon release and threatened boycotting the game, forcing DICE’s hand in revealing a few details of their first DLC, but now we have a full list of features.

New Elite Class

The Trench Raider Elite Class, which features a new melee weapon, and a powerful grenade arsenal to easily dispose of a large group of enemies cowering from you in the trenches.

New Game Mode

We are also being graced with a new game mode called Frontlines. Both teams are fighting over an objective, and once it is captured for your team, the objective moves towards the enemy spawn, and vice-versa.

New Maps

Four new maps will be showing up for us to battle each other on, adding french countryside and forts to a map that gets progressively darker as the war wages.

  • Verdun Heights
  • Fort de Vaux
  • Soissons
  • Rupture

New Weapons

  • Ribeyrolles 1918 – Assault
  • Sjögren Inertia – Assault
  • Lebel Model 1886 – Scout
  • RSC M1917 _ Medic
  • Chaichat _ Support

New Behemoth and Tank

  • Char 2C – This french machine of war is heavily armoured  and ready to take on any and all challenges that get thrown its way.
  • St. Chamond – This allied tank was one of the most heavily armoured tanks of WW1, and it will even let you call in artillery strikes with carrier pigeons.

Other DLC’s that have been announced are:


In the Name of the Tsar – adding four new maps, from snow-covered ravines to a freezing archipelago this is the war’s biggest front. Oh and watch out for the Russians that are there too…


Turning Tides – adding some amphibious warfare to the mix, players can engage in the daredevil Zeebrugge Raid, the Gallipoli Offensive, and more.


Apocalypse – Rush the enemies in the most infamous battle of WW1, and push your way through to victory over heavily contested ground with unique and brutal weaponry.

Which Battlefield 1 DLC are you looking forward to playing the most? Will you be getting a Premium Pass to play two weeks earlier than non-premium players? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PVPLIVE, VG247

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