Hyperfuturistic Racer Lightfield Announced

Some racers are not like the others. Lightfield from the four man indie studio Lost in the Garden definitely fits into this category. The developers claim that this is a hyper futuristic racer and from the launch trailer it is very hard to disagree.

Lightfield is a racer that doesn’t need roads, or walls, or guides of any kind. You are free to find your own way along the course. This is achieved by your ship having the ability to stick to any surface just by the touch of a button. This looks to make for a very unique and entertaining mechanism.

The environments are bright and alluring with lights that flash by making the action even more intense. The music does nothing to alleviate this intensity with an original soundtrack composed by Viennese musician Zanshin. But best of all is the fact that the developer has now announced that Lightfield is coming to the Xbox One.

This neon sensation of a racer will be made up of Seven tracks and four different environments. Combine this with single player, split screen and online multiplayer modes and you have a game that will keep you entertained. There will also be several different game modes including traditional races and time trials.

If you want to check out the fun for yourself then have a look at the trailer below.

Lost in the Garden say that the game is almost complete and that they are hoping release Lightfield in the spring of this year. This looks set to be a racer that will change the way you think of the genre.

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