Twin Stick Shooter, Tower Defense Hybrid X-Morph: Defense Coming to Xbox One

Do you like Top-down shooting games? Do you like Tower Defence Games? If the answer to both those questions is yes then you will be pleased to hear that Exor Studios have created a unique fusion of these two genres and produced Sci-fi hybrid X-morph: Defence.

The game sees you taking on the role of the X-morph, an Alien Species with a “plague ‘o Locust’s” like hunger to harvest the Earth’s resources and go about rebuilding the surface in their own vision. But the residents aren’t going without a fight!

Exor Studios has aimed to build something that will appeal to both strategists and gunslingers alike. Planning comes in the form of pre-battle defense building; towers and mazes are your choices to hold back the waves of aggressors.  There is no time limit and you will know the scale of the enemy attacking giving you plenty of foresight to get things right.

Once this prep is completed it is time to take your X-Morph into the field of battle, all guns blazing. There are four craft that you have at your disposal:

  • The Plasma Fighter – Good all-rounder
  • The Dark Matter Bomber – Drops bombs made of Dark Matter which slow down time
  • The Shredder – Air-to-Air Combat Fighter
  • The Laser Fighter – High energy beam to melt enemy units

Exor Studies clearly have a taste for destruction as they have made sure that the environments are almost fully destructible. Let’s be honest, we all love the carnage caused by taking chunks out of buildings.

With all this firepower on tap, you are probably thinking this game will be far too easy to be enjoyable. X-Morph: Defense doesn’t show us human’s going down without a good fight. We just so happen to have built 15 story high weapons platforms to use in our defense and it will be your job to take them out.  Each level has a different boss with its own behavior to keep you on your toes.

If this sounds like the sort of game you would love to play with a friend then you are in luck! X-Morph: Defense has a split screen co-op mode and the developer is promising more than double the fun.

No firm release date has been set however, we have been told to expect X-Morph: Defense later this year. For now, the teaser trailer will have to keep your Alien Invading, Tower Building, Laser shooting cravings satisfied.

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