Microsoft Looking Into Frame-Pacing Issues For GTA IV Backwards Compatibility Issues

Something that can be said about Microsoft, especially since Phil Spencer took charge, is that they definitely don’t adopt a ‘fire and forget’ philosophy when it comes to Backwards Compatibility. They have a team constantly working on patches, bugs and releases and like to keep you updated through social media of things they’re working on.

Look at Halo Reach for example. When that was released it was riddled with bugs, screen-tearing and numerous other annoyances that made the game unplayable on Xbox One. If you fire it up today, it’s as polished as the day it was born. Proof that Microsoft spend quality time fixing Backwards Compatibility titles.

Grand Theft Auto 4 became backwards compatible last week, but since then, many gamers have reported stuttering issues with the game.

It is not uncommon for some Xbox 360 titles to have issues when playing on Xbox One, with the Xbox team providing support after support, even releasing patches for these titles to fix certain issues, but it seems like they’re having a tougher time cracking this one.

A recent analysis of the performance of the game playing on Xbox One indicates that the title will be much better off if it is locked into 30fps, however, Bill Stillwell promised to continue looking into it and had this to say via twitter:

The casual gamer may not notice these issues and will not be affected, however the power-performance hungry players surely will, but hopefully this will be fixed in time. As Take That once said “Just have a little patience”.

Are you currently experiencing issues addressed in this article? We would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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