Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Not Open World

There has been some speculation recently that the upcoming Bioware game Mass Effect: Andromeda will be an open world game. Producer Michael Gamble has come out and said that this is certainly not the case. But then again it is also not entirely linear either.

“I definitely wouldn’t call Andromeda an open-world game,” Gamble said “We like to use the term ‘exploration-based game.’ You still have the concept of tight story deliverance and all the great things you come to expect with Mass Effect.”


This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as the previous games followed the same pattern. Sometimes the exploration can feel open-worldish but in reality this is just an illusion.

“Sometimes that happens in open spaces, but not always. You can cruise around some of these planets in the Nomad, but it’s not the traditional sandbox-type game.” The Nomad is the on-planet vehicle that replaces the Mako from the previous games. Lets just hope it handles a little better.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to be released for the Xbox One on March 21st.

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