Hot Wheels Is Coming To Rocket League

The racing football crossover Rocket League is set to get another surprising and somewhat surreal update soon that will see the real life toy cars been brought to a screen near you. Developer Psyonix today took to Twitter to announce that some Hot Wheel cars and items will be coming to Rocket League.

On February 21st players will be able to download two models of Hot Wheels cars, the Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker. As of yet we haven’t got an official price for the cars but in the past it has cost £1.69 to unlock cars.

As well as the new cars there will also be some other goodies up for grabs. In the after game drops you could well find yourself the proud new owner of a Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper, a Treasure Hunt flag, and a Shark Bite Topper. All good stuff we’re sure you’ll agree.

Rocket League has proven to be incredibly popular with players playing over 1 billion matches since the game launched in 2015. The Hot Wheels DLC sees this popularity been combined with one of the most popular toy car franchises in the world.

The DLC will launch on February 21st but until then you can enjoy the trailer below.

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