Dead Rising 4 Now Has A Free Trial

Like myself, many gamer’s have a hard time around the holidays, trying to decide whether or not to buy your mum a gift, or treat yourself to that new game that just came out. That was the case for many of us Dead Rising fans when the 4th iteration of the game came out, and so we were good kids and opted to buy our mum something.

Following the release of Dead Rising 4 however, it was a mixed bag of reviews. With some saying it was a good game to kill a few hours, boasting multiplayer game modes and the endless, mind numbing zombie brutality we came to love from the franchise. And others saying it was a waste of time and Capcom should’ve just left it on the paper it was dreamt up on. You can check out our review  to see what we thought.

Dead Rising 4

Well, now you can decide for yourself. Capcom are offering an hour long free trial of the game before you make the decision to purchase it for the maybe overconfident price of £49.99 digitally. However if you’re a savvy shopper and still have a soft spot for a physical copy, you will likely find the game at half the price if you shop around.

Anything you do or unlock on the trial will also be saved. So if you do decide to purchase the game and delve into the zombie killing realm of Frank West, you can rest assured that the Fish Launcher you spent so long crafting will still be available to you.

Did you think this was a good game? What’s your favourite weapon to obliterate zombies with? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft

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