This Years Call Of Duty Could Be Going Back In Time

It is a long held opinion among gamers that when a game takes its franchise into space it has nowhere left to go. Last years entry into the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare, did just that and as we get a new entry into the franchise every year fans have been left wondering where the future could take us.

Call of Duty’s development works on a three year rotation between developers and this year it is the turn of Sledgehammer Games, the team that brought us Advanced Warfare. Fans who have been devouring the developers Twitter account have started to think that they have found a clue to the setting of this years game.

The clip featured in the New Year tweet shows a combination lock turning to the number 2017 set to a background of some clockwork mechanism. As the lock’s number sets in place a chime is heard which some fans have interpreted as been the chimes of Big Ben in London.

Many believe that this all symbolises that the action will take place in London during one of the great wars. If we are honest then this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The success of last years Battlefield 1 has shown us that it is possible to take a franchise back in time while still moving it forward and a lot of fans seem to think that it would be a positive move for the Call of Duty franchise to follow suit by putting the combat back on the ground with traditional gun based combat.

This years Call of Duty game is set to be released in November so we can expect to get some kind of big announcement at this years E3 event.

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3 thoughts on “This Years Call Of Duty Could Be Going Back In Time

  • 06/02/2017 at 4:24 pm

    Except that London didn’t see much combat in either of the two World Wars. I mean, there was the Blitz… but that wasn’t exactly famed for gunplay. Either way, more interested in a historic CoD than I have been in any of the more recent ones. The original Black Ops was the last one I actually enjoyed.

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