Rainbow Six Siege New DLC Velvet Shell Details

Mira is a defender that carries a new Vector 45 ACP SMG, ITA 12L Shotgun. This new character also lets you have a secondary shotgun. Mira can also make black mirrors out of the reinforced walls. You can see out, but the attackers cannot see in or shoot through the window. They’ll have to find other ways to destroy it. Shoot the oxygen tank at the bottom to drop the glass and have a window to mow down attackers with.

Jackal is the new attacker with three different primary weapons to choose from. He is a tracker that can scan heat signatures of his enemies, letting him see if anyone has recently run through the room and marking them on the screen for his entire team to see. Caveira is the only exception to these scans if she’s silent stepping.

Watch the video below for more details about the new DLC.

Both of these operators will be available for one week for season pass holders to play starting February 7th, and afterward will be available to purchase with Renown or R6 credit. Some weapon skins and UI updates come along with this free DLC to kick off year 2. Velvet Shell launches February 7th, 2017.

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