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As gamers we are an inquisitive lot and will hunt high and low for any crumb of information on our favourite games. Sometimes these hunts can lead us to strange places. No place is stranger than the Mega Blok listings on Amazon.

But this however is where some eagle eyed fans seem to have found a leak regarding what could be one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Fans have seen listings for some unannounced Destiny Mega Blok sets which seem to give away a few details of what we may come to expect from the sequel to Bungie’s Destiny.

According to a post on NeoGaf “One of the Destiny sets features a [event] that clearly hasn’t happened in the game yet, and fits with some statements we’ve heard from [industry insider] Shinobi and Kotaku regarding the Tower and the Cabal. The game also hints at this itself,”.


There is also more specific information with one of the sets been called the Cabal Bruiser Battle Builder set which refers to a battle that takes place in the Tower hanger. The description on the set reads “Wielding his Raze-Lighter, hero of the Crucible Lord Shaxx prepares to pit his blade against the furious cleavers of a Cabal Red Guard.”

Now with such things we should be careful how much we read into this. One thing we do know however is that the Cabal have long been touted to be the main opposing force in any Destiny 2 game.

It would be reasonable to expect a big announcement about Destiny 2 at E3 this year. Before that however we may get a little bit more information to wet our appetites. This Thursday Activision Blizzard will be delivering their fourth quarter earnings report. A large section of this report is used to outline upcoming projects and releases. In the past we have had hints about The Taken King and Rise of Iron in these reports so we could well be getting a little bit of information about Destiny 2. More specifically we could hear when the developer actually hopes to release the game which, will be big news indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Leak”

  1. BlinxESP says:

    @DestinyTheGame Sad thing s going to be presented E3 for the Sony p, how bungie can be like this with the console make it famous

    • David Umtitti says:

      Don’t be so naive brother, you can rest assured it’ll be multi-platform. It’s a cash whore for Bungie, they won’t jeopardise that now.

  2. P3T3 TT says:

    @Arekkz you seen this bud

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