Monthly Archive: January 2017

Guardians have been well acquainted with a couple constants in Destiny’s PvP mode known as the Crucible.  Names such as Matador 64 and Party Crasher +1 are a constant memory that things aren’t perfect when playing against others online.  We throw the term “overpowered” around like it’s needed for survival right beside water and oxygen.  However, it’s more a cause of the way Destiny needs to be played right now.  Shotguns and along side them, melee attacks, have about the same range and can easily take you out in a split second.  Pair that up with the lack of damage a primary … Read More »

We’re just two months away from the next instalment of one of the most popular sci-fi games of the last generation, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Bioware have dropped a fresh trailer showing off more of the space faring storyline. The trailer gives us more insight into main character Ryder’s role as a Pathfinder, along with introducing some more of your squadmates and locales. The good news is that “we have a Krogan”. The bad news is that it isn’t Wrex. I loved that guy. We also get more of a look at main antagonist The Archon, a dangerous individual intent … Read More »

Here’s some unexpected but fantastic news: Square Enix have announced a partnership with the comic book and movie publishing Juggernaut (geddit?) to create multiple games, starting with an Avengers game. In a new teaser trailer, we can see the iconic items associated with each member of the Avengers: Banner’s glasses, Iron Man’s armour, Thor’s Hammer and Captain America’s shield. Unfortunately, the items are looking a little bit worse for wear, and the Avengers themselves are conspicuous by their absence. The woman doing the voiceover continues the glum outlook, stating that the “time of heroes is over”, but we just need … Read More »

Last year fans of the racing genre were treated to the phenomenal hit DiRT Rally. On the back of this success developer Codemasters have announced a follow up that will be called DiRT 4. But this time around the action will be notched up even more with the reintroduction of fan favourites including truck racing and terrifying buggy racing. DiRT 4 will also see the introduction of a brand new feature called The Stage. This feature will allow you to simply create your very own unique stages. You pick the location, you set the parameters and the new track creation … Read More »

Those of you who follow the Twitter account @ekim_gaf will already know today’s additions, but nevertheless, we press on. Just now, Major Nelson tweeted out the latest additions to the backwards compatibility library. Personally, I’m happy with one, but these games might not be for everyone… Shadows of the Damned and Rocket Knight are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today — ? Larry Hryb ?️ (@majornelson) January 26, 2017 If you’re looking for re-imaginings of classic platformers, Rocket Knight might be for you. Shadows of the Damned is an entertaining, yet psychotic third person shooter that will be … Read More »

During that fateful 2013 Xbox One revel a big deal was made about all of the multimedia features, especially regarding watching TV. One of the main features shown to us was the snap mode, a feature that allowed you to use an app or tool while at the same time still watch what you were originally watching. Well finally this feature will be no more. Mike Ybarra, the head of platform engineering at Xbox has announced that they will be getting rid of the feature with the big new update that is coming. We replaced Snap to improve multitasking, reduce … Read More »

If you like your racing games noisy, dirty, frantic, and on two wheels then you will be very pleased to hear that Milestone s.r.l have today announced that MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame is set to be released in Spring 2017.  This game will be based on the 2016 season, includes all the official riders, teams and bikes and promises to offer big improvement on MXGP2 Some of the features that we can expect include: Cutting edge graphics delivered by the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. Dynamic Weather conditions that will directly affect visibility and environment Dynamic Deformation of the ground … Read More »

If you are a fan of survival based, Minecraft style games then we have great news for you; 505 Games and Klei entertainment have announced that we can expect to see a Don’t Starve Mega Pack for the Xbox One hitting shelves and available to download in Q2 of this year. Don’t Starve sees you taking on the role of Wilson, (name inspired by Cast Away perhaps?) a scientist who starts with nothing and must use what he can find in his immediate surroundings to help him to get back home. This makes it sound easier than it is as … Read More »

Injustice 2 hype is increasing ahead of it’s launch this May, and a new character from the DC universe has been added to the roster in the guise of Robin. The trailer shows gameplay as Robin faces off against Batman. And it must be said, this is shaping up to become an excellent sequel for beat em up fans. Beta codes are also on their way out now, so check your emails if you have applied already! If you hadn’t been put off DC characters knocking the stuffing out of each other for numerous reasons after last years Batman vs … Read More »

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