Stolen Fighter Jet Footage Flies Under The Radar

When we hear about controversies involving one of the Korea’s it is normally the north who are the source of the strife but not this time around. Recently South Korea have been working with Indonesia to create a new Technology driven fighter jet and it turns out that not all of their work has been entirely original.

To show off the capabilities of its new jet the South Korean Defense Department released a video showing off what the jet can do. Unfortunately not all of the footage included in the video was of the actual jet itself. It would seem as if the creator of the video was a little short of footage so decided that it would borrow some from both EA’s Battlefield 3 and Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

The Agency for Defense Development (ADD) which is the department behind the jet has distanced itself from the controversy by saying that it had nothing to do with the promotional video and knew nothing about the ‘borrowed’ footage. Instead ADD blamed a small agency called Nabix, but the agency wasn’t going to take this lying down and fired right back at the manufacturer of the jet, the Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI). “After KAI was designated as a main manufacturer, the company dispatched a researcher to our company and he controlled everything with regard to video production, including words and sentences to be embedded and other details,” said Nabix CEO Kim Yoon-gak. “The KAI asked me to produce the video like the one promoting the F-35. And it provided us with related information and clips that needed to be inserted. This is a government project. There was nothing we could do arbitrarily.”

The video has been up for quite a while now and as of yet it is unclear whether legal action by either company is been considered. It would seem though that any action taken would be a long winded process and could end up been very expensive for any company involved. It may well be a case that the developers will let this one slide but then again, neither EA or Bandai Namco are known for taking this kind of thing lying down.

You can watch the video for yourself right here. To get to the relevant pieces of footage you will want to skip forward to roughly the 6:53 mark. At this point it is even possible to see the English subtitles to the game.

Video creator: Vocativ

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