State of Decay Concept Art Hints At Zombie Crows

Okay, maybe it doesn’t hint at Zombie crows. But this latest State of Decay 2 image perfectly encapsulates middle America gone to ruin. I’m not saying zombie crows are a brilliant future, but I’m sure there’s a fairly sizable population who would be thankful if that’s the worst thing that happens to America over the next four years.

State of Decay was, to be fair, a little raggedy around the edges, a little clunky. It was also brilliantly designed, twisting a rogue-lite survival adventure into a third person zombie-filled RPG that swallowed up whole weekends, and it became one of our all-time favourite Xbox 360 games. So it’s no surprise that the sequel is one on the most anticipated games of 2017.

This new teaser might be just a single image, but it’s packed with atmosphere and detail. It’s that eerie feeling you get from an image that, at first glance, looks normal, only to give up its secrets on closer inspection. The cars in driveways overgrown (just who is cutting all those lawns in The Walking Dead?) and neglected, porches and roofs sagging, crows watching and waiting for their next meal.

It’s everything we expect from the finished game.

State of Decay 2 will launch as an Xbox Play Anywhere title in 2017.

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