7 Awesome Battlefield Sniper Kills

People who choose to use the sniper rifle in FPS games generally intoin to one of two camps; people who are supremely skilled with a long range weapon, able to go from point to point knowing exactly when and how to disperse the opposition at close quarters or at long range. And Campers. While being dispatched by either of these types can be frustrating, everyone can appreciate a skilled distance shot.

There is a trend at the moment of people showing off their remarkable skill with the Scout Class. We have compiled 7 examples of long distance execution that we felt were particularly impressive.

  1. The Cavalry Take Down

2. The Window Shot

3. The Moving Target

4. Repelling The Beach Assault

5. The Long Distance Heli-shot

6. Eliminating The Threat From The Air

7.The “Third Time Lucky” (While less impressive, most of us have been there)

Source: Imgur.com, Gfycat.com

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